Экскурсия по Питеру

Piter Travels Independently

In recent years, tourists have increasingly relinquished tourism services and prefer to plan rest on their own. Their experience in organizing a visit to Europe with readers shared Dmitri Svirko

After several trips to Asia, I was thinking about visiting the European part of the continent. The main idea of the trip was Independent travel organization♪ It is about the choice of the route and the preparatory part that I would like to refer to this article.

At the start of my planning, I only had a rough understanding of the budget and a timeline, May. But I didn't really know what I was gonna be interested in and what I was gonna do. The idea was gradually born. Tracking♪ The original route was as follows: St. Petersburg - Helsinki - Stockholm - Oslo - Hamburg. From here to Paris, Nitsu, Turin, Munich, Keln and Amsterdam. Anyway, the plans are Napoleon. From Peter to Hamburg, I was hoping to get on a bus, a train or a ferry, and then to Paris on a plane. And in France's capital, we'll rent a car and move on to Europe. However, given the fact that I'm going alone and the high cost of renting a car, this option had to be abandoned. And four weeks for the entire route could not have been enough.

After consulting with my friends and reading the e-mails, I still decided to put North Europe on hold. Peter was the first on the list, and Paris had to give up on Prague. Munich, I decided to postpone to Octoberfest. Berlin wasn't interested either. And then I accidentally stumbled on the Sagrad Familia article, and I wanted to see the unusual architectural decisions of the great Gaudi. The legendary building is still not over, as it is based exclusively on donations. In addition, during the visit, one of the towers can be raised. The gathering of the Holy Family was the central purpose of my trip. Every town I've decided to spend five days. Given the days of flights, another city remained to be selected. I stopped at Rome. The next stage was the selection of tickets.

After a week of consideration of different options, Irkutsk - Rome - Barcelona - Prague - Peter - Irkutsk. The flight to Rome was through Moscow and Vienna, from Peter to Irkutsk through Moscow. Reading about Italy and Rome in particular, I learned about the developed railway system. When I saw the cost and duration of a trip from Rome to Barcelona, I decided to travel on the ground.

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