Первый день в Калининграде

Self-Sustained Journey

Main “Friends” Visit to Czech Republic

Let's get ready and plan our tourist trip.

Arrest and purchase of air tickets to the Czech Republic

  • The cheapest direct flights to Prague tend to make Aeroflot;
  • In terms of service, of course, it is better to fly Czech Avialines by direct flight to Prague;
  • If you're looking for cheap options, watch Transaero with a flight to Pardubice City (100 km from Prague);
  • And if you want to be really cheap, then watch the transplant tickets.
  • This is the form you'll find the cheapest tickets on the market ( cheaper than airlines themselves, I use this service myself):

Visa in Czech Republic


Tickets and hotels (or apartments) should be booked before a visa is issued. If you have an invitation from relatives and friends, you don't need to book the hotel.

Place of residence registration

If you're staying at the hotel, you don't need to register. If you're visiting friends and acquaintances or renting chat rooms or apartments, you'll register. You need to be alone. For 3 working days on arrival in Czecha at the local police station. Address in Prague: Olšanská 2, Praha 3 (Installation of Olšanská).

Buy inter-urban and international tickets in the Czech Republic

  • On the train, on the Czech railway website, it is better to buy directly from them on the website;
  • The most cheap tickets to the Czech buses and to other countries in Europe are from the Student Agency (single two-stage comfort buses). For example, they have the cheapest tickets to Karlova Vara, Liberace, Brno, and to Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Dresden and a bunch of others.
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