в путешествие на Корфу

Self-Reliance Travel Route

I think I'll share my experience with traveling with children.
In our family, two children are at the time of the scheduled trip to the son of ten years, eight years of daughter.

The experience of fully organized travel is small. Literally, only last year. The visits were very good, so the soul asked for further. I wanted more interesting routes. Because self-sustaining tourism is more extensive than the standard turfine beach package...

And it was decided in the fall of 2012 that the summer of 2013 should be on Corfu. Crete and Kos visited the Greek islands before, where they were very pleased. But I wanted new impressions... Corfu was conceived long ago, by descriptions, the island is very green, many historical virtues. I wanted to take a walk on Corfu-Town-- this Venice without Channels... But tours on Corfu (especially for a four-person family) were not very welcome. Therefore, by organizing a mission on its own, the cost was optimized.

I've been studying all possible ways to get to the island on the Internet on different websites. On the shelves ' hotel reservations sites, the island ' s areas were studied, and feedback on specific hotels was studied.
Travel time: planned June 2013. We love a low season (not so hot, not so crowded, prices on the ground are happy, and swimming at sea 20 to 22 degrees for us, northern people, not a problem).

With regard to the recreational region, the choice was made very quickly in favour of the north-east of the island, Damascus, and that is why:
:: Close to the island ' s capital (13 km), convenient bus routes connect Denmark to other areas of the island - conveniently organized culturally distinct Road rental programme;
• Good hale beach, whole resort infrastructure available (actually for families with children);

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